Spotlight: Hanig’s Footwear at Plaza del Lago

Spotlight: Hanig’s Footwear at Plaza del Lago

  • On April 13, 2017


Peter Hanig (seen here with son Daniel) have been part of the Plaza del Lago family for 22 years. Learn more from Peter about “the intersection of art, design, and well-being.”


Q: How long have you been at Plaza del Lago?

A: We opened in 1995.

Q: How long have you and your family been in the footwear business?

A: Our business was started in 1944 by my father Irv Hanig, and is continuing with me and my son Daniel.

Q: With locations and history in Chicago, what made you decide to expand Hanig’s locations to the Northshore.

A: I knew Joe Moss for a long time, and we discussed opening in the Plaza several times. Finally we decided that we had the right styles to sell at the Plaza.

Q: How is Hanig’s Footwear different than other shoe stores?

A: We find unique brands that are not widely available in the U.S. We focus on fit, style, and comfort in order to enhance the customer’s lifestyle.

Q: What’s the philosophy at Hanig’s Footwear?

A: Have good relations with our customers, our associates, and our suppliers; and find great product. Good business is the result.

Q: How does customer service factor in at Hanig’s Footwear?

A: It is extremely important to our success. We have many customers who have enjoyed shopping with us for decades.

Q: What shoe trends should we look for spring and summer 2017?

A: More color and more unique materials. We develop styles for work, play, and special events.

Q: How do you decide what footwear to offer to customers?

A: We try to be innovative, while understanding the needs of our customers. In some cases we help design the shoes to be more interesting and more comfortable for our customers.

Q: What do you ask customers looking to add to their footwear collection?

A: The main question is: How do you want to use this style? Are they using it for traveling, or work, or play?

Q: What are the top tips to know if footwear needs to be “retired,” donated or thrown away?

A: Shoes that are worn out will cause changes in your pattern of walking. Worn out shoes can cause pain or discomfort in your feet, knees, or hips.

Q: What do you want people to know about Hanig’s Footwear?

A: Daniel and I enjoy our business very much because we feel that we are helping people enhance their lives. We get excited when new shoes arrive and we enjoy sharing that feeling with our customers and our associates

Join Hanig’s Footwear on Friday, April 21 for the spring Beautifeel trunk show event.

Hanig’s will be highlighting special styles from this season’s Beautifeel collection, as well as a glimpse at the Fall 2017 collection. Beautifeel shoes are handcrafted in Israel with the finest Italian materials, and latex rubber soles for durability and the ultimate comfort. Designed with fashion-forward sense of style, Beautifeel shoes are the perfect accessory for both work and play.

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