Spotlight on Plaza: Fanny May

Spotlight on Plaza: Fanny May

  • On February 2, 2017



Long before Forest Gump, the first box of chocolates was introduced more than 149 years ago.  Special dark, cream filled, milk and white chocolates make for widely popular Valentine’s choices for the special day. More than 58 million pounds of chocolate will be purchased by Americans the week of Valentine’s Day (some at Plaza del Lago).

According to Fannie May manager and self-proclaimed chocoholic Cassie Sanchez, Valentine’s Day is a chocolate-friendly holiday. Customers want options and to indulge.

What’s the most popular Valentine’s Day gift for moms?

“Hands down, it’s the heart-shaped box of Colonial chocolates, it comes in one and two-pound sizes.”


Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, how do you know what to get for your special someone?

“We can tailor-make chocolate gifts based on who you’re buying for.  Customizable boxes come in eight-ounce, one, two and five-pound choices.  Milk assortments for the sweetest tooth, dark for the connoisseur and pastels please almost all pallets.”


Health benefits and chocolate? 

“Smelling chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation and dark chocolate, in particular, is loaded with powerful antioxidants.  According to Cassie, “eating dark chocolate each day keeps the doctor away, at least that’s what our customers tell me.”


Shop Fannie May

You can’t go wrong with the classic heart-shaped box with red ribbon. Tailor to your specific chocolate tastes, the Fannie May specialists will help you pick out the perfect gift and wrap it Valentines ready.

For special Valentines, you can also pre-order, pay and pick up your chocolate covered strawberries, $29.99/box.

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